Professionals you can trust, who understand you and your needs and who work with you in your home, daycare or educational facility.

“Our aim is to deliver a responsive and best practice service that will enable students to improve the quality of their lives and improve the quality of their learning experience.”
Sarah Goodall, Specialist Therapy Services

Specialist Therapy Services is the first mobile Auckland private therapy practice in the wider Auckland region that provides an in home, preschool, school or work based therapy service.

We are a team of dedicated professionals who are current with the National Curriculum and the I.E.P. process who have over twenty five years practical experience in working with students with special needs as well as those of the regular population.

The practice services the greater Auckland area providing Speech Language Therapy and Occupational Therapy from the age of three months to adult years.

Specialist Therapy Services programmes can be designed to suit individual needs and circumstances with an initial consultation provided free.

Specialist Therapy Services offers private care and special needs support for parents and people with special needs. Our services are based on proven techniques that encourage not only the student but also the parents and care givers alike. We understand that including and encouraging the parents and caregivers, and providing them with support, training and tools, are vital to improving the lives of those with special needs.

Specialist Therapy Services is a recognised Therapy team for some of Auckland’s leading Special Schools, Mainstream Schools and the MOE. Specialist Therapy Services will visit you at a time and place that is best suited to the student, in an environment that the student trusts.

It is a part of our service to provide all new clients, young and old, with a Free Screening to determine what the best course of action will be. Click contact and send an email with your contact details and we will be back to you within 24 hours.

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This video was compiled by Sarah Goodall of Specialist Therapy services for the Upside Downs Education Trust to support their annual charity ball to raise funds for therapy intervention for children with Downs Syndrome. This video shows clients of Sarah Goodall, working with their parents who have been guided and supported through the Johansson Methods and other intervention procedures. It illustrates targeted therapy and demonstrates families working together to promote learning outcomes for their children. © Specialist Therapy Services

Watch the video here