Generally speech and language development progresses from single sounds to a combination of sounds, to single words, then to one word sentences. When enough single words are known, two word sentences emerge and the average sentence length grows from there.

Specialist Therapy Services is a private therapy practice that provides Speech Language Therapy and Occupational Therapy to people with special learning needs. The practice provided its service to both the private and public (school) sectors. The practice has grown in the last decade to include additional Speech Language Therapists and Occupational Therapists.

The practice provides treatment for age groups from infants to the elderly. Many of the therapists that are employed come with specialist interests and skills to meet the client base of Downs Syndrome, Autistic Spectrum Disorder, Cru de Chat, Aspergers Syndrome, Cerebal Palsy, Global developmental delay, Aphasia, Traumatic Brain Injury, and varying other developmental delays, disorders and diseases.

The practice currently services the greater Auckland region, currently extending from Wellsford to Waikato. The service provides an in home preschool or school based service.

The practice also provides clinic based therapy for short term clients.

Sarah Goodall is a Specialist Therapist, qualified in Speech Language Therapy, Primary Teaching and Johansson Therapy. She has over 30 years of experience in the area of paediatrics, with a skill set that includes ABA, Verbal Analysis, PECS, Behavioural Management and Mediation.

Specialising early in her career in the area of Special Needs, Sarah’s work history as a Speech Language Therapist includes working for:
  • Autism Auckland and the IHC which involved setting up and working in the first Unit for children with Autism
  • Special Schools
  • Special Units
  • Kelston Deaf Education Center
  • Private Practice
  • Ministry of Special Education

Sarah is a Johansson therapist, of which she is the only qualified and practising Johansson Therapist within the greater Auckland area. Sarah works with many families who have children with Downs Syndrome and/or Autism utilising her knowledge and skills as a Johansson therapist to provide a holistic and in depth therapy programme. Read more about Johansson Therapy.

Sarah has worked with a range of developmental disorders, expanding her practical and theoretical skills to working specifically with Autism and Down Syndrome. Sarah combines her many years of experience with a wealth of expertise including those of her Teaching qualifications to enable implementation of literacy skills for those children with Special Needs. Sarah has a broad skill set including Picture Exchange Communication System (Pecs); Applied Behavioural Analysis; Behavioural Management and Mediation. Sarah has an in depth knowledge of Occupational Therapy and is able to utilise this within her therapy provision.

Sarah is well liked and respected by both her professional colleagues and clients and is the largest service provider for the Upside Downs Education Trust. Recently Sarah was featured in the Howick Times in recognition of her ongoing support for the education of people with Downs Syndrome. In the past her work with Autism and Downs Syndrome has been documented in the New Zealand Herald and the Women’s Weekly.

Being a mother of three children, Sarah feels that her parenting experience provides her with the empathy and understanding of the many demands on the families of whom she works with.

Sarah has many clients of which she has worked with for over 6 years. Her dedication and passion for children with special needs is well reflected in the broad and in depth programming she provides, along with the guidance to parents, teachers and care-givers.