The Johansson Language Methods are the outcome of many years of research by a Swedish Professor of Phonetics and Education, Irene Johansson. Much of the research has been completed with children with Down Syndrome as they are an easily identified group. Studies reveal a variety of specific characteristics which affect the learning styles of children with Down Syndrome and these are common to other learning disabled groups as well.

The Johansson methods of language intervention are based on sound educational practise and knowledge of child development, targeted towards people with communication disorders due to various disabilities, e.g. Autism, Down Syndrome, Brain Injury, and Global Developmental Delay etc. The methods are implemented by parents, caregivers, teachers, and teacher assistants with the Speech Language Therapist monitoring the child’s progress, providing training in methodology, information, exercises and materials.

The Johansson Methods of Speech Language Therapy focus on the importance of early language intervention and are developed specifically to meet the needs of children with severe disabilities which affects their ability to communicate. Supported by regular contact from a Speech Language Therapist trained in the Johansson Methods, each programme is developed specifically to their needs. As the methods are developmental, each child moves through them at their own rate, faster if appropriate or slower if more consolidation is required. It is then practised on a daily basis through the networking of significant people in the child’s environment.

As well as being based on the developmental acquisition of speech and language, it also brings in other skills such as auditory training and processing, cognitive exercises, fine and gross motor activities, visual skills, assistive and transitional communication strategies and methods, errorless learning, pre-reading and reading skills, and written language.

The Johansson Methods are worked in conjunction within normal day to day talking and interaction. The formal instruction is only a part of the child’s daily life, and therefore not a narrowing experience. Many children are now carrying out this intervention within schools where it provides a valuable support to the total school programme.

Specialist intervention can begin as early as 3 months and continue through school years. Methods are appropriate for adults who may have not had the opportunity to be involved in specialist therapy in their early years.

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